Polyspiral Pipe

PolySpiral® pipe has been specifically engineered and developed to transfer highly corrosive fluids or abrasive slurries while also withstanding high working pressures if required. PolySpiral® pipe consists of two components combining the external strength of steel with the corrosion and abrasion resistant properties of polyethylene (PE) pipe. Below are some of the many benefits afforded when using NQ Pipe & Duct’s PolySpiral® piping system.

1. PolySpiral® is a composite pipe combining the strength of steel with the chemical and abrasion resilience of PE pipe to provide a versatile piping solution for the industrial and mining industries.

2. PolySpiral® provides the opportunity for high pressure, light wall PE pipe in corrosive material applications when combined with a high strength external steel outer casing.

3. Through minimising the wall of the PE liner in corrosive applications PolySpiral® enables a smaller PE pipe diameter to be used reducing the overall costs and weight of the pipeline while still affording a high working pressure.

4. PolySpiral® pipe also offers a fire protective outer casing for the internal PE liner when used as a water supply line for fire fighting applications in bushland and the outback.
5. As PolySpiral® pipe is a straight line installation it enables the pipeline to be routinely rotated when used in an abrasive wear application and therefore maximising the effective lifespan of the internal PE liner as the majority of wear is located at the lowest 60 degree arc of a pipe in cross section.
6. When used as waste disposal pipe in a tailings line PolySpiral® also provides the opportunity for a reuse of the external steel casing when the PE liner has worn out through abrasion and therefore reduces future maintenance costs through allowing replacement of just the internal liner.
7. PolySpiral® provides a secondary containment vessel to prevent waste material from spillage if the internal PE liner ruptures through extended use. Particularly useful in off site pipe routes traversing a neighbouring non-mining property and therefore avoiding an EPA breach.
8. The external steel casing provides a robust UV protection for the internal PE liner thereby eliminating expansion and contraction of the individual pipeline lengths.
9. PolySpiral® pipe allows PE pipe to be installed in a straight line thereby minimising both friction loss and susceptible wear points at each bend of the pipeline usually the result of expansion and contraction problems which cause a “snaking effect” along the pipeline.
10. PolySpiral® pipe enables a PE pipe system to be suspended between supports above ground through elimination of the flexible snaking effect along the pipeline.
11. PolySpiral® pipe offers much shorter lead times than other products for the same application due to the purpose built local manufacture of each pipe line. It can easily be supported on standard pipe brackets across long spans due to the lighter pipeline weight achieved through the spiral steel construction.
12. PolySpiral® pipe offers the pressure capacity of the outer steel casing with the internal benefits of PE pipe such as low friction loss, operating temperatures of up to 80 deg C, a chemically inert material and which offers no internal scale build up.
13. The spiral steel outer casing is mostly manufactured from pre-galvanised steel so that no further external surface treatment is required and good corrosion resistance is inherent. This outer casing is available from 1.6mm up to a 3mm galvabond wall thickness or from 1.6mm to 5mm in a spiral welded stainless steel or carbon steel outer casing.
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