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Spiral Duct

Spiral lockseam ductwork can be manufactured in a range of diameters, lengths and wall thicknesses to suit the intended application. Its lightweight and folded seam construction is ideal as air ventilation duct for a supply air or exhaust system, dust collection applications, downpipes for water drainage, and above ground formers for circular concrete columns as well as in ground pier liners and bridge deck voids. It is available as standard in galvabond steel material but can also be manufactured from mild steel, aluminium, zincalume, stainless steel and colorbond if required depending on quantity.
Applications include:

  • Mine Vent
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fume Extraction
  • Dust Collection
  • Corrugated Steel Pipe for Drainage Culverts
  • Concrete Formers and Pier Liners
  • Bridge Voids
  • Anti Climb Prison Duct


PolySpiral® pipe consists of two components combining the external strength of steel with the corrosive and abrasive resistant properties of polyethylene (PE) pipe.
Applications include:

Corrosive fluids transfer
Abrasive slurries in tailings lines
Suspended PE pipe installations
Secondary containment vessel – EPA friendly
Rural Firefighting pipeline with fire protective casing

Spiral Welded Pipe or Tube

Spiral welded pipe or tube can be offered in a large selection of diameters ranging from 76mm to 1524mm diameter as well as a choice of wall thickness from 1.6mm to 6mm thick. In addition either can be supplied in the choice of MIG welded carbon steel, galvanised carbon steel or TIG welded stainless steel in either of grades 304 or 316. Pipes or tubes are normally supplied with plain ends, but various end treatments can be supplied on request such as roll grooved or welded flanges. A complete range of fabricated fittings are available to match every pipe or tube size produced including bends, branches, tees and transitions. We also offer pipe spooling whereby pipework assemblies can be prefabricated to your drawings and specifications to reduce the amount of on-site work.

Carbon steel pipe or tube is offered with a bare mill finish but is also available with other finishings such as blasted and painted or hot dip galvanised. Stainless pipe, tube and fittings are acid pickled and passivated to remove weld burn & iron contamination, and to provide a uniform satin 2B finish.
Applications of spiral welded pipe or tube include:

Condenser and chilled water pipelines in A/C systems
Mains water piping for salt water creek crossings
Water treatment plant pipe work
Stormwater downpipes
Pier Liners
Furnace, boiler, diesel and generator exhaust flues
Dust extraction and fume exhaust systems
Auger tube
Water and Pulp lines in paper mills

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