Column Formers

Column formers are manufactured as a 4 ply lockseam duct and can be offered in round or oval shape. They are supplied normally in a galvabond coated material and can be cut to exact length preventing unnecessary wastage. Column formers offer a smooth internal “A” class finish and are lightweight and easy to handle, eliminating the costly traditional methods of column forming. They have a superior strength for weight ratio because of their helical lockseam at approximately 120mm centres. Column formers require minimum supports at top and bottom and are easily stripped spirally or with a vertical cut to peel away the used former from the cured concrete column. Alternatively they can be left in-situ after the concrete has cured to form a decorative paintable feature. Column formers are made from galvabond steel making them less susceptible to site transport damage or abnormal wet weather while on site. They are water resistant (unlike cardboard-paper column formers) and do not bow under weight induced pressure through concrete vibration (unlike plastic column formers). They can also be supplied with an ultra smooth look finish with the use of a recycled plastic inner liner minimising rendering and offering a paintable marble like feature.

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