About Us

NQ Pipe & Duct have been supplying duct and piping systems throughout North Queensland since 2009. In that time they have introduced new piping solutions as well as having supplied a vast number of projects using either spiral duct or pipe. The director of NQ Pipe & Duct, Michael Attard, has over 35 years experience with spiral duct and welded pipe/tube manufacture and their applications and through this experience has been able to adapt to the often specialised demands of the North Queensland region and offer duct and piping solutions. NQ Pipe & Duct offer a comprehensive spiral pipe and duct manufacture as well as fittings fabrication, acid passivation for stainless steel work, internal lining and exterior coatings if required as well as options for site delivery or manufacture on site depending on the required product. Call NQ Pipe & Duct for the solution to your next duct or pipe enquiry.

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